Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Natural E - Home Remedies for Natural Causes

They were the earliest form of medicines. Old societies have used this form of treatment until they were replaced by modern medicines. However, people are going back to the old style of treating illnesses for it has been proven to give more benefits than its over-the-counter counterparts.

Cheap. Drugs manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies are expensive since they are processed, advertised, and marketed as a commercial commodity. On the other hand, natural home remedies need nothing much out of your pocket. Just the normal kitchen stuff will do.
Clean. With home remedies, the raw material is basically the final product. No real processing is needed. Therefore, non-existent are the chances of contamination.
Easy to find. Finding one that is right for any type of illness is easy. In early days, people grew several plants in their backyard. Today, because of urban style of living we need to look towards the market. Nevertheless, good stuff like ginger, garlic, thyme, honey, celery, lemon, apple, and fruits and vegetables are convenient to find.
Milder. Unlike over the counter syrups and medicines, home remedies are easy on the body system. They do not drain you out of energy. Since they are natural, there are no strong components like over the counter medicines.
Fewer side effects. The effect of the retail medicines do not stop at the intended ailment. Such medications affect other body functions with their side effects. Most common of these are drowsiness, weakness and nausea. With home remedies, side effects are minimized to almost null. The reason being that it is the nature's way of dealing with illness, rather than filling your body with chemicals.

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